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About hup !

At hup, our mission is to be of service... no matter your budget!

How do we expect to get there? By offering you a flexible and turnkey solution for newer vehicle rentals.

We propose to adapt to your needs, to your small and large projects, offering you a complete range of quality vehicles.
No need to worry about the maintenance, we take care of it!

Our goal: to accompany you, in all transparency, by providing a simple rental process and efficient service.

At hup, our mission is to promise you'll drive with peace of mind!

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What are your mileage packages?

For daily or weekly rentals, the mileage is unlimited.

For rentals with monthly promotions, mileage is limited to 2 500 km per month, with an added $0.25/km extra.

Is the insurance included?

The liability insurance is included with all of our rentals, which covers protection for damages caused to a third party.

However, a loss and damage waiver (LDW) is not included in the posted rates.

What is the minimum age for vehicle rental?

The minimum age required to rent a vehicle is 21 years.

Nonetheless we offer rentals to persons aged 18 to 21 years on certain conditions: have a personal insurance policy and only vehicles from the compact category are offered for rental.

Can I leave the provincial territory of Quebec?

Travel to other Canadian provinces or to the United States is prohibited.

Do you offer delivery service?

Yes! We offer delivery for a cost of $50 within a 25 km area surrounding our locations and $75 within a 50 km area.

Is a credit card necessary for rental?

Yes, credit cards are mandatory. We do not accept Visa debit cards nor prepaid credit cards.

Are drivers with a probationary license or a learner’s permit eligible for vehicle rentals?

Drivers with a probationary license are eligible, however, those with a learner’s permit are not.

Where to find us ?

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15, route 132 E. Delson, QC J5B 1G9
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Monday to Friday: 8am to 4:30pm



5720, boul. Laurier O. Sainte-Hyacinthe, QC J2S 3V8
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Monday to Friday: 8am to 4:30pm